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Delta V plus
Costech EA
DIC/DOC analyzer
TC/EA unit

Delta V plus

Thermo Delta V plus isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) coupled to Costech Elemental Analyzer, Thermo TC/EA, und OI Analytical 1030W Aurora (system installed 2010). IRMS is equipped with Dual Inlet (DI) system for CO2 analysis. 

Analytical capabilities:

  • δ18O and δ2H of water by high temperature pyrolysis (Thermo TC/EA with liquid injection system with CTC/Leap autosampler)
  • δ2H and δ18O in solids (Thermo TC/EA with Costech zero black autosampler)
  • δ13C and δ15N (bulk) of organics solids and fluids (Costech Elemental Analyzer ECS 4010 with zero blank autosampler)
  • δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and organic carbon (DOC) (OI Analytical Aurora 1030W wet chemical oxidation analyzer with Purge&Trap interface)
  • δ18O and δ13C of gaseous CO2 samples (Dual Inlet with cryogenic separation line)