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Saturday 16. December 2017

PhD Opportunity in Palaeobiology

We offer a PhD position for a motivated and creative PhD candidate who wants to work at the forefront of palaeobiology integrating fossil data analyses and modelling approaches. The position is available from March 2018 for three...[more]

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Wednesday 09. December 2020

SUMMER SCHOOL - Erlangen, October 9 - 13th, 2017

Tracing Magmatic Activity and Earth System Change[more]

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Tuesday 10. October 2017

Gotland Field Trip 2017

In September 2017 a two-weeks field trip to the Swedish island of Gotland was organised by Axel Munnecke and Theresa Nohl. The group was composed of 16 students from Erlangen, and 17 colleagues from various European countries....[more]

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Thursday 31. August 2017

GZN on board: FAU-Project „Science sets Sails“

In July 2017 ten geoscientists (6 from the GZN Erlangen and 4 international guests) will participate on the first Leg (from Kiel over Malmö to Riga) of the FAU-Project “Science sets Sail” on board of the traditional three-master...[more]

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