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Guests of the Erlangen Palaeontology

Friday 17. November 2017

Vanessa Cutts, Prof. Richard Field and Prof. Adam Algar - University of Nottingham

We welcome Vanessa Cutts, Prof. Richard Field and Prof. Adam Algar from the University of Nottingham who are here 6th-10th November 2017 to discuss and develop research on evolution and biodiversity on islands with Prof. Manuel...[more]

Wednesday 23. August 2017

Dr. Frine Cardone - Università di Bari, Italy

From August 20th to 26th, 2017, Dr. Frine Cardone from the University of Bari visited our Institute to work together with Matthias López Correa on deep-sea sponges and corals from the Cape Verde archipelago.[more]

Wednesday 05. July 2017

Dr. Andrej Ernst - University Hamburg

From July 3rd to 5th 2017 Dr. Andrej Ernst, a bryozoan specialist from Hamburg University, visited our institute. He discussed taxonomic problems of Silurian bryozoans with Lene Claußen, and we planned the next steps in our...[more]

Thursday 04. May 2017

Maraike Mann & Dr. Jacek Raddatz

Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main[more]

Wednesday 26. April 2017

Abdelkrim Nemra - PHD student

University of Oran2, Algeria[more]

Monday 31. October 2016

Dr. Alexandra Oppelt

Dr. Alexandra Oppelt, Trinity College Dublin, is visiting at GZN from 31/10 to 04/11/2016. Geochemical data of North Atlantic deep-sea corals are currently interpreted together with Matthias López Correa at GZN. The interaction...[more]

Friday 09. September 2016

Dr. Stephen Kershaw

Dr. Stephen Kershaw from Brunel University in London visited Prof. Dr. Axel Munnecke to investigate the growth mechanism of stromatoporoids.[more]

Friday 05. August 2016

Alexander Rother

From July 1st to 5th August 2016 Alexander Rother visited our institute for a professional practical training.[more]