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Saturday 16. December 2017

PhD Opportunity in Palaeobiology

We offer a PhD position for a motivated and creative PhD candidate who wants to work at the forefront of palaeobiology integrating fossil data analyses and modelling approaches. The position is available from March 2018 for three...[more]

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Tuesday 10. October 2017

Gotland Field Trip 2017

In September 2017 a two-weeks field trip to the Swedish island of Gotland was organised by Axel Munnecke and Theresa Nohl. The group was composed of 16 students from Erlangen, and 17 colleagues from various European countries....[more]

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Thursday 28. September 2017

New Professor for Palaeobiology

Manuel Steinbauer has joined our institute from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.[more]

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Friday 15. September 2017

Geologische Exkursion im Rahmen der „Geothermie-Allianz Bayern“ in die Fränkische Alb

Am 7. und 8. August 2017 fand bei herrlichem Wetter eine Geländeexkursion im Rahmen des Teilprojektes „Reservoircharakterisierung“ der Geothermie-Allianz Bayern in den Malm der Fränkischen Alb statt. Unter der Führung von Herrn...[more]

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Thursday 31. August 2017

GZN on board: FAU-Project „Science sets Sails“

In July 2017 ten geoscientists (6 from the GZN Erlangen and 4 international guests) will participate on the first Leg (from Kiel over Malmö to Riga) of the FAU-Project “Science sets Sail” on board of the traditional three-master...[more]

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Thursday 13. July 2017

A dinosaur in Steinbruch von Hohenroth- Dr. P. Chellouche, B. Leipner-Mata, M.-L. Harmsen

The dinosaur who left this trail lived in the early Triassic period, about 247 million years ago, and at that time made the region around the present Hohenroth unsafe. Dr. Patrick Chellouche secured the traces together with the...[more]

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Tuesday 11. July 2017

New Paper - Paläontologische Zeitschrift, Barbara Seuss

The fish assemblage from the Pennsylvanian Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry Lagerstätte (Oklahoma, USA) - A. O. Ivanov, B. Seuss, A. Nützel[more]

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Tuesday 20. June 2017

PhD position Paleobiology/Biomineralisation

Project context: Teeth consist of the hardest and damage-resistant tissues found in the biosphere and their structure has served as a model for the development of bio-inspired materials, conferring outstanding mechanical...[more]

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Tuesday 20. June 2017

BR - Faszination Wissen, Nördlinger Ries

The Nördlinger Ries is a large circular depression in western Bavaria, Germany, located north of the Danube in the district of Donau-Ries. The meteorite impact crater formed about 14.3 million-14.5 million years ago in the...[more]

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Thursday 30. March 2017

Flügel Course - Nürnberger Zeitung

Walk through the history of the earth and much more[more]

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