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Dr. Nadine Wittig

Mantle geochemistry

Tel: +49 (0)9131 85 26 065
Fax: +49 (0)9131 85 29 295




Current projects:

mass spectrometry

A collision-cell-ICP-MS routine to eliminate a 101Ru-specific chromium-based polyatomic interference ; together with Ottley, C. J., Pearson, D. G., Ishikawa, A., Dale, C. W., and Finlay, A. J.



continental mantle roots

Melting and recycling of sub-continental mantle roots: A traceable mantle component? Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems (review). [Numerical modeling and pMELTS/MELTS constraints]

Oxygen isotope systematics in mantle minerals from Middle Atlas peridotite xenoliths reflect metasomatic enrichment. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (data brief); together with Krumm, S., Joachimski, M., Duggen, S. and Hoernle, K. [Laser fluorination O isotope analyses]

Identifying clinopyroxene-sulphide co-precipitation, rejuvenation mechanisms and platinum-group element fractionation processes in young continental mantle roots, together with Klemd, R. and Weber, K.-J. [Petrography and mineral composition (microprobe & LA-ICP-MS) of sulphides in peridotites]

Generation of sub-continental lithospheric pyroxenites from Harrat As Shamah, southern Syria. With Haase, K.M. and Günther, T.



Formation of the continental/island arc crust and its mantle root

The architecture of the Tonga-Kermadec island arc at Raoul derived from crustal xenoliths: Clues for the generation of continental crust? Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology in preparation; with Beier, C., Haase, K. M., Garbe-Schönberg, D. and Bensen, H.  [Numerical modeling and pMELTS/MELTS constraints]

DFG funded   Identifying time constraints and mechanisms of crust-mantle coupling in Central European continental lithosphere with Haase, K. M., Schmädicke, E.,  Renno, A. and Dulat A.   [Numerical modeling, WR major element and Re-Os, PGE analyses, mineral trace element and Lu-Hf, U/Pb, Th/Pb, Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr analyses]   



Amber as tracer ancient atmosphere and migration paths

Pilot study, O and C isotopes in Baltic amber and their fluid/gas inclusions, trace element composition



A research student & projects

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